A wine accessories collection worthy of the passion that inspired it

Swedish architect Thomas Sandell turns his attention to wine and all of its accoutrements in this stunning collection. Sandell, known for daring design ideas, brings his signature balance and intelligent touch to each of the pieces in this sophisticated assortment. Wine can be a complex passion, with every step of its production and enjoyment inspiring strong feelings from serious enthusiasts. It is upon opening that wine reaches its pinnacle – when it is poured, sniffed, toasted with and finally, tasted. Inspired and authentic, this state-of-the-art set allows the wine lover to celebrate his or her passion to the fullest. From the corkscrew opening the bottle with the class and style it deserves to the wine pourer that aerates as it pours (creating a richer bouquet), Sandell thoughtfully addresses every aspect of oenology, with this timeless collection. Created with the same level of care that the connoisseur has for his collection, it is a fitting tribute to the glorious world of wine.

The Wine & Bar collection will be available in Georg Jensen stores and at www.georgjensen.com in autumn 2012.